Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Ultimate Cycle: 9DPO- Contemplating IVF

Negative today at 9DPO. Losing hope rapidly. Lucky for me we had our "IVF pre-op" appointment 2 mornings ago. There are a lot of  things I want to get out about it.  Below are bullets, with a more developed post to come.

  • We have excellent chances: he said 80% for a full cycle (using all embryos created that cycle). 
    • On any one transfer: If we get to transfer on day 5: 40-70%, 3 day 30-60% depending on how many we transfer (1 or 2 embryos)
  • Our insurance covers 6 fresh cycles (I know, we are really lucky) and as many FETs as we have frozen embryos to transfer.
  • I mentioned PGD  (genetically testing our embryos before transferring them back into me) and the doctor thinks it’s a great idea. He thinks everyone should do it. Unfortunately insurance disagrees and it is out of pocket- about $4000. HOWEVER, generally speaking, PGD increases the live birth rate: when doing a single embryo transfer it brings us to the live birth rate of transferring 2 embryos. (about 70%)
    • This is because embryos with genetic issues are not transferred- this lowers the miscarriage rate (thus upping the live birth rate).
  • At our age (32 almost) our chances are great, and our chance to get some to freeze are really good. Hub and I want more than 2 kids total, and so will be back in a clinic down the road even if we get pregnant with number 2. Doing IVF (with some frozen) would mean I will still have the success rate of a 32 year old- even if I am 34-35 and want another (the current dream plan).
  • Assuming we stimulate with this cycle, I would likely have a retrieval at the end of July. I would test the embryos on day 4 and freeze them. Then, I could do a transfer of healthy, tested embryos in September/October.

  • The expected number of eggs at my age and AMH is between 10-20. Likely the higher end. 

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  1. I'm sorry about your negative, but 4 covered rounds of IVF with great odds? I say go for it if you don't get your BFP right now. What great insurance coverage!