Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Thank Goodness It's February!

Gonna have some fun
Show you how it's done, TGIF

Good riddance January 2012. You were the worst month since December 2011. I feel better today than I have since we found out about Blue Sunday's diagnosis. I am 4 weeks post-tx today. Things are looking up. I've caught myself laughing naturally over the last few days. I cared how I looked this morning. I provided a random act of kindness in the garage this morning, pulling the ticket the car in front of me had left and giving it to the garage staff. Can you imagine being charge max parking in a down town garage. OUCH.

Family planning
Continuing with the more upbeat mood: I ended my streak of being the 1 in 1:5, capitalized on the 80% odds and talked to hub last night about TTC. We have decided, if physically able, we will be trying to make a baby this month!! I am super excited and terrified. The thought of doing it all over again is overwhelming-even factoring out T18 fears. The disappointment of BFN, sickness, early m/c worries, sickness, wondering when to tell people, sickness. Did I mention sickness? I didn't have a very happy pregnancy, T18 aside.  I am more than a little nervous realizing I'd be 6-8 weeks on a cruise ship if attempt #1 takes. Also, I would have to tell my parents, who have said they would prefer to not know until we knew the baby was healthy or not. The first time I refuse a cold, frothy BL (bud light for those of you not in the know) the gig will be up. 

mmmmmmm BL. Hopefully I won't be enjoying those for too much longer.

I can't find a song for my TTC mood. This is not something that happens often. I'll edit later when I find one. Hoping for something that conveys "Fearfully looking forward, but with hope".

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