Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meeting a Baby- Creating Muchness

Lizzy Meets A Baby

 Today's Muchness Challenge was to "take the scenic route....look around. Find something along the way that makes you smile. It's there". To achieve this, I ended up helping a fellow Army wife and her family pack up their home ahead of a cross-country move. I am proud of myself for getting down to see her and help her out. She has a baby daughter- born just a month before Blue Sunday was diagnosed. Until today, I had never met the baby. Before we found out about Blue Sunday, the baby was too new to bother them, and it was the holidays. After... it was just too hard to face a little baby when I had just lost my own. As time passed, it was not that the loss was fresh but that EDD was coming, or just passed. You get the picture. I'm sure BLMs can relate- when is it really time to meet your first baby post loss? Since it is still so painful to be near OPG and other pregnant women, I wasn't sure if I could handle a baby. As it turns out, babies are easier than pregnant women. I think it's because I never got close to the point that I was going to have a baby- but I was close to the point that I would have a big, pregnant bump. It was a good milestone to cross.

The Muchness Challenge photograph prompt was to "snap something that aims toward the sky" My intention was to take my picture in my back yard, looking up into the canopy of the giant oak tree that shades our yard. By the time I got home though, it was nearly dark. So instead, I took two photos of my plants. The first is the flowers hub gave me for our anniversary. Cut flowers are beautiful, though I am so sad when they wither :( I always take a photo of them, so they stay fresh in my mind.

The second photo is of the bamboo plant my Army spouse friends sent me when I lost Blue Sunday. When it first arrived, the arrangement was made up of 6 stalks, 2 on each side bent into a heart shape. Early on, one of the stalks had an infection and I had to remove it, but since then the remaining 5 stalks have created new off shoots. Today, I gave one of the shoots to my friend who is moving!

And yesterday I knew just what you wanted
When you came walkin' up to me with him
So I told you that I was happy for you
And given the chance I'd lie again
Tim McGraw, Just to See You Smile

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