Saturday, September 1, 2012

Muchness Day One

I am participating in a photography challenge which has a goal of "finding my muchness". The actual site is here but I wanted to share my daily photos with all of you. This means I am going to be spamming your blogger feeds with daily posts with a photo. I am putting these photos here and not on a Muchness blog because this process of photography is directly related to the reason I write. The founder of the Muchness movement is a BLM, she lost her twin girls Sunshine and Daisy at 22 weeks. Muchness is about living life fully, even when it is hard. This photo challenge is meant to help people find their inner light again.

Today's photo was to be a "before" photo of ourselves, taken in black and white. It was to be taken in the place were I mentally and physically spend the most time. This would be my home, on my sofa (or bed) this isn't necessarily a depression thing. I'm a homebody by nature. When hub was deployed I most missed evenings on the couch watching movies or in bed... together... Since Blue Sunday, the couch and home have become a place of mental refuge, which isn't my nature. I am 70% of the time happy to be home, on my couch, playing a board game, talking on the phone or just lounging with hub. 30% of the time, I'm there because I feel like I can't be anywhere else. It's the 30% I'll be working on this month. Without further ado, here I am!

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