Monday, November 5, 2012

I Hate E-mail....

Received today:

Hi Lizzy,

Dxxx had been in charge of this while I was on maternity leave.  But, now it is her turn to go on maternity leave, so I will be taking it back to complete the report.  I had previously been working with (guy who has been gone for at least 6 months), and he is named on our documents.  Should I replace his name with yours when I write the amendment to change Dxxx’s name to mine?  I wasn’t sure if you were replacing him in this role or working with him.  Thank you for the clarification.

Have a nice day.

Good to know that your company has a track record of pregnancies with a happy endings, do you have a job for (insert my job title here)?! Also, I am glad to know that Dxxxx did nothing while you were gone! Guess she was too busy growing another human. May be that was my issue, I actually did my job while I was pregnant. So-and-so has been gone for well over 6 months, so BOTH of you were remiss in not changing his name. Please do so if you can manage in between talking about the baby factory you clearly work in.  That better not be at cost.

P.s. F you!


EDIT- In the Great Re-Reading/ Re-Publishing review I had a little laugh over this (a bitter, ironic one, but a laugh none the less). This was published 11/5/12. 11 months after this posting, my colleague went out on her maternity leave (Ray) and she same back 6 days before Liam was born. I had already been out of the office working from home for 2 weeks at that time. Amazing what a difference a year can make.

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