Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've Got Your Crazy

Reading back my last post, this was the song I was singing:

You say I'm Crazy?
I've got your Crazy!
Britney Spears, Womanizer

I lost it on Friday a-lot-a-bit. The reasons make sense to me, objectively, but I can't quite believe I felt so strongly.

I am hopelessly confused about a friend's pregnancy status and I am mentally exhausted from trying to figure it out. I've let it go, and that is helping ratchet down the Crazy.

We went to a big party on Friday night for (ready?) My first (real-ish) ex-boyfriend's boyfriend's 30th birthday. The ex and I remained friends, and I met hub indirectly through him- we'll call him Gay Ex Boyfriend GEB. GEB and hub were childhood friends, along with Smarty and J of JAM. M was there as well, Sparkles was at a baby-shower of all things. The party was fun, and we went over after a seeing winning hockey game, so I was in a good mood. Two of the girls I knew in high-school but had a falling out with were there, and both were nice for once. Karaoke happened, though I didn't sing. It was fun.

Then I was asked if we had/ wanted kids.

I told them the truth, mostly. That conversation stayed with us for most of the evening, someone would think of another question to ask me. Perhaps it was me bringing it up on occasion. It really is constantly on my mind. I was talking to JAM, and said that I will be joining her in not drinking for the remainder of Lent (and beyond. I don't dink and medicate). Then she told me that she had a few Thursday and that she had been drinking earlier in the night, but had stopped because there was no way J would be driving them home. (J was singing "Ice, Ice Baby" at the moment, so this was clearly true).

So she either isn't pregnant, or lied about drinking. She has mentioned on a few occasions that she would never drink and carry a pregnancy. Not even a drop.

And here I am, being all PI on her and the situation after tell you and myself that I was Crazy for doing it before.

I am cuter than this, but you get the idea

What can I say, I have a one track mind. It sounds like this.

Someone: What would you like?
Me: Baby! Baby :( Baby? Can I have a baby? How will I get a baby? If I get pregnant this cycle I'm 1 week and 5 days pregnant. I'm baby crazy, stop that. May be I could adopt, but would I get a baby? Well I really want a kid. Kid, kid! I mean.. I'll have a the Nachos.


  1. Oh goodness... you are SO not crazy! We have ALL been there, no worries!

  2. Well if you are crazy, I'm gonna join your train!

    One track mind is right, I have the same thing...
    It happens a lot when I'm teaching...

    Students will ask "Mrs. X what do you wish for?"...ERRRR...
    "Teachers do you have any announcements?" (at weekly morning meeting) I always want to stand up and say yes, I'm pregnant. But I'm not, so CRAZY.