Friday, June 7, 2013

10 Weeks Today: Then and Now

I had a blog when I was pregnant with Blue Sunday. I only ever had a few posts, I never wanted to post when there were scary things going on, and soon everything was scary.  I started the blog the day before I took a tumble down some stairs, which led to a loss in symptoms. I called my OB who had me do a beta, and then another. This was all about 6 weeks. We then had our first scan and saw the baby for the first time. Soon after, I made another post- that post was at 10 weeks exactly, right where I am today. The day after that post, I started bleeding and went in for a scan, Blue Sunday was there, but measuring small. We pushed back the NT to allow for some growth, then we had the high NT scan and I decided to wait until after I got the all clear on the blood tests to write again. I never really wrote again.

It is amazing how different yet similar these pregnancies are. Below are my answers to the pregnancy meme, then and now:

11/3/11-So excited! Double digit weeks down :)
This also means we're 1/4 through with pregnancy. I really can't believe how quickly that went by. I guess I didn't even know I was pregnant until 6 weeks and 3 days ago. We found out on September 19th (though I knew on September 18th, I just didn't test). Chris find 1/4 thought "scary". Not exactly the adjective I was going for. Hopefully he'll get use to the idea of being daddy soon!

6/7/13- So excited! Double digit weeks down :)
This also means we're 1/4 through with pregnancy. I really can't believe how long this is taking or how stressed I am. And to think, I've only suspected I was pregnant for 6 weeks 4 days. I suspected on April 22nd. Chris is so, so excited to be 1/4 of the way through. He really can't wait for this baby to be deemed healthy and born into our lives.

How far along?  
11/3/11- 10 weeks today!
6/7/13- Ditto

Total weight gain/loss:
11/3/11-Last check was -10, I may be up a few again now that I can eat!!
6/7/13- No Change

Maternity clothes?
11/3/11-Not on me, but I did buy a few. Hey! There was a good sale :)
6/7/13- Ditto 

11/3/11-Sooooo tired. I had to miss class on Tuesday because of exhaustion. I have crazy dreams when I do get to sleep.
6/7/13-  Super tired. I go to bed at 9:15

Best moment this week:
11/3/11-Telling a few more of our friends on Saturday.
 6/7/13- I found the heartbeat on doppler on Tuesday! That was really exciting. My OB says this increases our chance of taking home a baby to 95%. I can't get that 5% out of my head.

Have you told family and friends:
11/3/11- The rest of the family will be told after Monday's ultrasound.(Editor's note- this is the line that made me the saddest. That scan SUCKED, more so in retrospect. NT or 2.9/3.5 depending on who measured)
6/7/13- Almost everyone knows at this point. We tell, since we're really open people, and like drinking alcohol.

11/3/11- Not that I can feel. I'll check that the bugger can move it move it on Monday
6/7/13- I saw the baby moving on the u/s last week, so I know it is capable. I'm actually excited about this, I felt movement early with Blue Sunday- about 16 weeks- and he was a very non-active baby. 

Food cravings:
11/3/11-No, but I DO feel like eating again. Yay!!!!
6/7/13- No, I eat when and what I can. The sickness returned with a vengeance after a week or two reprieve last time, so I'm just getting in what I can.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
11/3/11- Toothpaste. Otherwise I'm improving.
6/7/13-All meat :(

Have you started to show yet:
11/3/11- I just look bloated, same as last week. I am getting hard just over my pubic bone :)
6/7/13-This is a major difference actually, my uterus is already up about a half-an-inch below my belly button. I can see and feel a bump, but with my extra weight since last time and the small enlargement- only hub and I can tell. 

Gender prediction?
11/3/11-Still feeling boy.
6/7/13- Thinking pink!!

Happy or Moody most of the time:
11/3/11- I am happy, but I cry randomly. I had a case of road rage Friday. This guy on a stupid headset was trying to take a left across a lane of traffic. He went through the light after the turn arrow had shut off, and blocked my lane of traffic. I was the first car. So I angled my car in front of him and drove until there was no room. He gives me this finger wag "no, no, no" thing and I BLEW UP. I was miming You (pointing at him) suck (hand job, mouth movement) at driving (miming driving) . Then I yelled I hope he died, reconsidered and said someone you love, felt that was still to mean and said I hope your pet died. Then changed that to fish.. Ending with "I hope your favorite fish dies". Then I cried. Awesome.
6/7/13- As my dad would say: I am "nowheres-near" as emotional as I was last time. I am however, scared witless.

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