Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Two Week (ish) Wait

Yesterday I had my first visit with the midwife. She was really nice and I think we'll work well together. She is more strict about the pregnancy rules than I am, but I can say one thing and do another. For example, I sometimes clean the cat boxes, I let her believe that I never do it. I have had cats my whole life, I used to have outdoor cats and now I have only indoor ones, my house does not have vermin. I am comfortable that the cats don't have toxoplasmosis, that I have been exposed prior to pregnancy and that I take proper  precautions in the event that these two suppositions weren't met. This wasn't worth explaining to her. I have done my research and am making the decisions that work for me and my baby. I am not giving up my cats, I have no one at home with me for several weeks every summer (stupid Army) and living with full, stinking boxes would be more dangerous (in my opinion).

Apparently my records hadn't reached their office. There were moments of hilarity- really. The nurse did the usual height, weight, BP, asked my last day of menstruation. She paused briefly, when I told her it was April 2nd. She then asked if this was just a routine appointment. I told her I hoped it would only be routine (haha). She then asked, casually, you're not pregnant or anything, right? Apparently she thought I was a usually new patient for GYN, not OB. Once that was sorted out, I think things made more sense. Then I asked if I could use the bathroom and if I needed to provide a urine sample. She said yes, hooked me up with the cup and a pen and left me to do my business. Which I did.

In the toilet, not the cup.

I was so embarrassed to explain this complete brain fart. I had to though, because she was in the hall, a respectful distance from the door, but was clearly about to go collect the cup. I was still laughing about it when the midwife came in.

She is an NP as well as a midwife, and had a woman she was training with her. So, now I had been laughing, embarrassed and now was caught off-guard by not one by two women- the trainee might not have yet been a woman by the looks of her. She could have passed for 16. It was no wonder that I wasn't quite prepared for the question that came after introductions and congratulations "So, is this your first pregnancy". I wanted to soften it for them a little (I'm finally over shocking people with my loss story- growth!) So I said- "Oh you must not have gotten my records yet." When no light dawned I followed up with "So, sad story". I probably came across as taking the whole things too lightly, though I'm sure my face had fallen one I got to the end of the story. I just didn't want to say "No, I was pregnant in September 2011" and then have the end come as a shock.. it is a shitty thing to be shocked with, you know?

She was able to find the HB with the doppler very quickly. Though I have found it on my own, it was reassuring to hear with a medical witness. I am now, officially, in the "5% chance of not taking home a baby camp". " How little it matters though.

So, getting around to the events of the title, we discussed my genetic testing options. Like my usual GYN, she agrees with Free Cell DNA test along with the NT and screening bloodwork. We did talk over a CVS, but decided against it, though I would have been seen by the best in the area. Their office has only just rolled out the free cell DNA testing and she wasn't sure that it was up and running yet, otherwise I would need to go to the local hospital for the draw. As it turns out, they did have it and I was the first person to have it at the office. So.. now I am in the wait for results.

This is terrible, Sorry, I couldn't figure how to type on the calendar and save...

Day one, and it is agonizing already. The midwife told me a week, the website for the test, Panorama, said 10 working days, but I have seen that people have been waiting much longer who have posted on internet forums. Also, there is a high percentage, comparatively, of people who get no result and have to do a re-draw. I'd prefer the answer to be correct, and in their data they have no errors:


Data presented at 2013 Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine Annual Meeting

Sensitivity* Specificity*
Trisomy 21 47/47
100% (CI: 92.5-100%)
100% (CI: 99.5-100%)
Trisomy 18 15/15
100% (CI: 78.2-100%)
100% (CI: 99.5-100%)
Trisomy 13 7/7
100% (CI: 59.0-100%)
100% (CI: 99.5-100%)
Monosomy 45,X 11/12
92% (CI: 61.5-99.8%)
100% (CI: 99.5-100%)
*We thank Professor Kypros Nicolaides and Dr. Harbinder Brar for providing samples.

And... Go Bruins! 

Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting
You got me waiting
Waiting on you

Weezer, Waiting on You

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  1. Hi. My comment isn't really about this post in particular. In early June, terminated at 13 weeks due to T18. I am heartbroken. I just want you know that your blog has been a huge comfort to me. Thank you for writing it. Best wishes.