Monday, June 24, 2013

Holding pattern

This is the 14 day since my Panorama blood draw. I knew it would be this long, but honestly the wait feels endless.  I had been really hoping to get the results on Friday since my 30th birthday and the party celebrating it were this weekend. No such luck. 

Now, of course, everyone knows I'm pregnant. I didn't really want everyone to know before we got the results, or the NT scan, so that we could have some reassurance. Oh well. When I wasn't drinking at the party, couldn't eat any meat and was exhausted at 815, everyone knew. People were very excited for us, but I asked them to keep things calm until at least after tomorrow's NT scan. 

That's right, tomorrow. We're finally almost there. I can't believe I've been pregnant for 3 months, am doing well and finally almost to the point I can know what's going on. I've been mostly calm, trying to stay unattached. It's hard though, especially now when I look like this (12w 4d), for reference, below in pink is me at 17 weeks with Blue Sunday:

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