Saturday, August 10, 2013

In Memory

My friend E over at A Sky for Blue is marking the two year anniversary of letting Blue go. E was one of my first blog friends. She and I share a lot in common- we're professional, well educated, east coast women who terminated a pregnancy for an anomaly.  We thought it so odd that her son is Blue and my baby is Blue Sunday. Just wanted everyone to know, and E especially that Blue is on my mind today. The only thing that can make losing a child worse is when no one remembers. There is a candle burning in my house for him.

Much love to Blue and to E.


  1. That's really sweet to remember for a friend. Having those around us who remember and care is so important.

  2. Thanks, Lizzy! Means so much to know that Blue is remembered by others. Another weird thing--the coincidence of what happened in Blue Sunday's pregnancy with Take Two has coincided with Blue's birthday and my anniversary days. I don't really believe in stuff like this, but it still makes me think that our babes are buds too somewhere. :) Love and light, E

  3. I don't think I realized you're East Coast! I am too! ! !