Friday, March 20, 2015

Beautiful Day

Welcome to the first day of Spring.

Snow is in the forecast, and the space heater is still on in the (freezing, un-insulated) kitchen.

Never-the-less it's been getting slightly warmer, the sun is out more, I heard a bird chirp the other day.

Spring is a time of hope.

I am feeling hopeful.

O day was today, triggered Wednesday. I had 1.5 follicles- one was 22 one was 16, which is too small unless it gained another 2mm in the time between scan an O- which is possible since it takes 24-36 hours to O and there were an additional 15 hours between scan and trigger. Does the trigger prevent additional growth?

Should I get pregnant this cycle I'd be due 2 weeks before Christmas, bub was born 2 weeks after Christmas (to the day). That feels right.

I hope it's this month.

If not, we're in for some freaky timing.

1/4/2012- Blue Sunday Termination
1/4/2014- Bub due date
1/8/2014- Bub born
1/9/2016- April 2014 conception due date.

With that in mind.. I kind of assume it will be next month. That's how things work for me. Hub and I  had our first date 5/19 and he proposed on that date 4 years later. It wasn't in any way intentional- there was a big event that night where he proposed. There have been many other times these things have lined up, but that's the most dramatic one.

I hope it's this month, but if not... I like my chances next month too.

It's a beautiful day
Don't let it slip away
U2, Beautiful Day 

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  1. Your follies continue to grow even after the trigger, you're at should be an 18 or 19 by the time you get the IUI. I know I'm late and you've had the IUI by now, but I'm rooting for you!