Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#MicrobloggingMonday I’m Starting with the (Wo)man in the Mirror

I need to change my ways. I’ve really let myself go. Gaining weight, putting no effort into what I’m wearing, doing my make-up in the car (but the natural light is better….). Bub has been an excellent sleeper since month 9. I’m tired, but it isn’t because of him.

Here is what is on my plate:
Clean house (hub works- from home- most nights and has school 2 nights a week, so I do most of the day to day)
Care for bub (see above- evening care falls to me)
Study for my god-forsaken exam (STILL haven’t finished my 2013 goals..)
Training- I’ve been running to prep for the 5K in June. My goals in 2013 had me trying to run it in 28 minutes- which was deferred due to my pregnancy with bub- as of now I have no excuse not to try it again.  
Finding my abs again- Where did they go?! 5 minutes of ab work most days is my goal. Not too hard right? [Please see above]
Not to mention*
TTC Bub’s Little- morning monitoring, pills that exhaust me, etc etc
Work- which is bonkers at the moment.

SO with THAT in mind, I go my brows waxed before dinner with my friends last week- I was on baby free time and no one (said they) minded I was 7 minutes late. Made an acupuncture appointment for tomorrow (on a groupon! Last time the expense really drove me away- though I liked it ). Have dinner and lunch plans over the weekend with different friends. Plan on a facial in the next few weeks. Make a point to dress in outfits, not just throw things on.

L'Oreal tells me I’m worth it.. right?

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  1. You are definitely worth it. It's hard to fit in the self-pampering when you have so much on your plate.