Monday, March 2, 2015

#MicorbloggingMonday Going with No

I am mostly sure that Femara + trigger Cycle 1 is a bust. There were some hopeful moments yesterday (9DPO) when my afternoon stick looked darker than the previous morning's stick- but this morning there was no change between the two- and they are really light.
This morning was my follow-up with the RE. I think it is so weird that they do the "how was your cycle" meeting before the pregnancy test- which is Saturday. My lining was 11. My LH was starting to rise when we triggered- which they thought was a good sign I was going to O on my own.

These are good things but I feel VERY out.


I know it sounds early, but I already knew I was pregnant with bub at 9DPO.

I know that implantation is most likely to occur at 9DPO.

But.. I'm not expecting a positive call on Saturday afternoon. If I being honest- I think my cycle will have already started and that in addition to the blood test- I'll be doing my cyst check... but what do I know.


  1. I'll keep positive thoughts for you and hope that it is just too early to see a BFP. *hugs*

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling out already. I hate that feeling, and at least for me its always been right. But I'll think good thoughts for you!

  3. Holding hope for you if you're not in a place to hold it yourself. Hang in there.