Monday, March 23, 2015

I Live for Little Moments #microbloggingMonday

Kins is just the sweetest little boy.

I was putting him to bed tonight and I read him a story that made me cry (Little Boy) when I cried, kins would look at me so concerned. It was adorable.

After I finished reading, I let him look through the book, he kept looking at the page about waving good bye with an old couple standing outside. Then we turned off the light and I sang to him. I always do that.

When I was signing kins started waving bye to me. When I would wave back he would laugh and stop waving. Then he would start right up again. We just have spent 10 minutes waving and laughing.

14 months is my favorite so far.

I live for 
little moments
like that
Brad Paisley, Little Moments

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  1. I agree, 14 months is the best. Pretty soon the tantrums start and you wonder what happened to your sweet baby.