Sunday, May 24, 2015

Penultimate Cycle- 12 DPO: Negativo

I waited to test until today- 12DPO- because I have no positive feeling at all. Even trying to sway my symptom spotting I can't find anything that seems hopeful. Sure enough- blazing FRER negative.

I just feel awful telling hub. I don't think he understands how in tune I am. His response was "may be it's too early?" and then to my insistence I'm not pregnant: "I hope you're wrong. I usually hope you're wrong". I KNOW when I am pregnant, and am fairly sure when I'm not. If I think I might be pregnant and I'm not, it's a symptom of hope and desire that is swaying me. NOT a symptom of pregnancy.

I don't feel like my cycle is starting, but I know I'm not pregnant. Limbo. My favorite.

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