Wednesday, May 13, 2015

IUI #1

Lots to catch up on here!

On Monday (link) I got a call that sounded like good news just from the tone of the nurse that called. She said I was surging on my own and didn’t need the trigger shot. Since I was mid-surge, I went in the following day (yesterday) for the IUI. This was a lucky break, since I had a vendor flying in for a meeting Wednesday and would have had to cancel the IUI if it was scheduled for today. So I didn’t have to trigger, but this also means I can’t obsessively test every day. Boo. I am going to try to hold out for 10DPO (Friday, May 22). I’ll let you know how I do.

The IUI was interesting. My clinic has hub produce the sample at home. I think this was something I mentioned way back at the first SA. We then have 90 minutes to get it to the clinic (which needed to be before 9am), I then had my appointment at 10. I was nervous and so hub and I did the whole thing together. We went for breakfast in between drop off and shoot up.

When we got into the room I had to identify the sample- it was labeled with hub’s info- but before I saw that I made a joke about not recognizing it. Then we got an explanation of the procedure and were left for me to get changed.  There were some weird porn magazines We laughed at those. When they came back in they placed the speculum, like for a PAP but it was unusually uncomfortable- could they have opened it further than usual? Then they placed a very thin catheter and inserted the fluid. I started cramping immediately and continued to cramp all day- and into today. Far more uncomfortable than I expected. It was over quickly though and I went to work like usual (though late).

Now here I am at one day post O.