Monday, May 11, 2015

CD13 Penultimate Cycle Update

This cycle is not rolling out how I hoped.

I had my follicle check Sunday morning (yesterday) at 7am. I have mentioned before, I hate the office I need to go to for weekend appointments.  I have had an issue every time I’ve gone there. Yesterday, I had an awful blood draw. It took multiple sticks, was really slow-flowing and the angle she finally managed to get the vein with the needle really hurt. Now I have a bruise.

Usually, my ultrasound tech is a super nice woman show talks through the whole thing. The woman I had yesterday was the opposite, she kept giving me pieces of information and then telling me she wasn’t supposed to say anything and stopping. I was left with some half pieces of information. Rather than attempt to recreate the whole conversation here are some nuggets:

Left side:
Hmmmm Did you take your medication this cycle? (yes) All of it? (yes) As prescribed? (yes)
Lots of follicles to work with, I call them starters. Hopefully they’ll turn into mature follicles.

Right side:
Do you have a history of cycts?
Did you have an ultrasound to look for cysts at the start of the cycle?
Here’s a good one.
I think you have 3, or may be 2 with a cyst.
I’ll put it in both ways- with 2 and with 3 your doctor can decide how to handle it.

So I left thinking: A: I have a cyst B: I have may be three mature follicles C: Or 2? I know a couple (IRL) that had triplets after an IUI. I will skip the IUI this month if I have 3 mature.  This was Hub and my mother’s day morning breakfast talk.

We took bub on a “hike” (strenuous walk) and when we reached the top didn’t my phone ring (ooohhh side note- I finally replaced my phone that was lost MONTHS ago. So I don’t have to call in to my voice mail and then call the clinic back).

Here’s what they said (as best as I can remember): E2 260 (two sixty something or may be it was in the 360s) 25mm follicle or cyst. One at 18mm (I think that’s what she said), nothing about a third. She told me I had to go back in for an ultrasound this morning. UGH. At least it was the good office.

I went in this morning, not knowing if I needed blood work- I just put myself on the blood work list. I was called back for US first- by the woman I like. She read me the doctor’s note and it did say they needed to make the determination based on today’s E2. She did the US, didn’t mention the 18mm follicle (or the rumored 3rd follicle), but did say there was a 25mm.

So not sure if that is rounding or measurement error and it went up of down a mm? If it is a cyst and isn’t growing (or shrinking)?  

We would have a chance if I’ve already ovulated, but obviously it’s a small chance since I haven’t  gotten pregnant on perfectly timed cycles.

Fingers crossed for a good call this afternoon. 

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  1. I am so rooting for you! Triplets wouldn't be so bad, would it? I'm only half serious. Triplets would be so hard. But if it's your best chance?