Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rhythm of my Heart

After a very looonnnnggggg scan, (almost 2 hours!) baby was cleared of any cardiac issues and any issues in general. Bottom line: healthy baby! We are overjoyed.

The scan started with a student doing the measurements, it was a blessing and a curse. It was nice to see the baby for so long, wiggling, hiccuping, crossing and uncrossing his/her feet. I was getting a bit panicked about the heart, since that was really what we were there for and there was a lot of time spent on it. Because she was so slow, when parts were measured, the measurements were on the screen for sometime. At one point the abdomen was measuring 2.5 weeks ahead which had me worried.

Eventually, the usual tech came in and took over. Much quicker (still a larger than normal abdomen but not that far ahead). Baby was in a bad position for cardic measurements and we were unable to get the baby to move. I went from side to side, used the bathroom and was poked and prodded. Eventually the doc was called in. She mentioned how the tech never gives up and this must be a very stubborn baby. Indeed, after some of the same tricks, I was told to go for a walk and come back in a few minutes. Fortunately, when I came back, baby had flipped over and measurements were obtained.

They put on the 3d scan for a bit and Suyra-Scott looks JUST like kins. It's amazing

There was a few times where the scanner went from referring to baby as he to she and then back to he. I'm very curious. We've agreed to call baby "he", so I'm wondering if it was a true slip! I know they measured the femur, and assume they could tell the gender from that view. I am hopeless at ultrasounds- at one point I was thinking the baby's brain looked weird than then they commented on the kidneys. Abdomen, head it's all the same to me apparently.

Oh rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum
with the words "I love you" rolling off my tongue

Rod Stewart, Rhythm of my Heart

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  1. Fantastic news! I'm glad that everything is going well!