Thursday, May 5, 2016


Whoops. I fell off the blogging bandwagon.

My last post was about a day full of anxiety. It actually turned out to be one of the worst days of my life- and I've had some doozies. There is an outside chance everything will work out, but it is looking unlikely. My heart is broken for some very deserving people.

The next morning, we left the house at 4:00am and headed to Kins' very first flight. We spent just over a week in Texas. It was a long flight (for a toddler- 4 hours) but he was pretty well-behaved. We spent the first 2 days in Dallas and went to the Rangers game, a (private!) tour of the ballpark and the Dallas zoo- as well as a really fantastic lunch at this place- which you should check out if you're in the area! The Dallas zoo is excellent, we saw kolas, elephants, ocelots, zebras, kangaroos- as well as lots of other animals. Kins most liked the penguins.

After of time in Dallas, we flew to Houston and drove an hour to Galveston. This is a very New England feel beach, except the water is warm! The sand is kind of gritty, and the water is brownish and wavy- just like home. Honestly, we'll be back. It was wonderful. You can't expect Florida, but it's warm, the waves are high and the sand is awesome for sand castles! There were even surfers- if I wasn't pregnant, I would have taken a lesson (though if I wasn't pregnant I would have been on the cruise with my family).

We brought Kins to his very first water park, which was also somehow HUB's first water park as well. They both LOVED it. If you are even in Texas and near a Schlitterbahn waterpark- GO. It was expensive, but clean, fun and good for all ages/scare levels. Also, there is a lazy river/wave river/rapids river that goes around the whole park!

While away, we hit 18w6d and beyond. Bittersweet, even after having Kins. Surya-Scott has become very busy in there and I can feel him/her moving a lot. I have become huge. Clearly pregnant. Yay!

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