Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Goals:

I liked keeping track of my goals in past years, so I’m doing it again. I HOPE to update quarterly. I didn’t manage this last year :/

1) Take some time off from family planning and enjoy the family I’ve built.
Enjoy the wonderful kids (and hub!) I have.

2) Read 12 books. Any books. Enjoy them.

3) Run the June 5k in under 28 minutes. Still on here from 2 years ago 3 years ago.

4) Pay down 30,000 in debt and keep up with other money goals (college savings, retirement etc)- we’re doing Dave Ramsey. Working successfully so far.

5) Re-do the kitchen- at long last.
I REALLY hope this is this year, but I am waiting for a good price to sell some stock. All depends on the market.
6) A few health goals: Lose 10 pounds, start yoga, keep up with vitamins, cut back on caffeine (down two 2 cups of tea and one other caffeinated item per day).

7) Become involved in my community. How? TBD. 

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