Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Discombobulated- microblog

Life is chaos right now. I’m drowning. I will never complain about having two kids. They are amazing and I could not be more grateful for them. But I am so, so tired. Hub has three classes this semester mon-wed nights. There are usually hockey games Friday and/or Saturday night. Then factor in a social visit a week and shopping- well we’re already out of time and we haven’t cleaned, slept or factored in appointments and self care. So my eyebrows are bushy, my laundry isn’t done and the house is cluttered.
I feel emotionally overwhelmed, but I think it is more related to some baby blues/ previously existing anxiety than anything serious. I have always been an anxious person, but I have found myself having some irrational fears. I am mostly ok, and am waiting it out a few more weeks. I really don’t want to go on medication and hurt milk supply/ waning fertility. We may try one more, one more time. We may just not prevent and see what happens.

My kids love each other, the struggle for Baby G was so, so worth it.

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  1. Oy Mama. I totally get those feelings of being completely overwhelmed. I had/am struggling with similar feelings about if I should go on meds. But I'm also the crazy one who quit her job to stay home because the anxiety of work was doing me in. Hugs.

  2. What a sweet, sweet picture. I'm sorry you are struggling but I can imagine how hard it must be to juggle everything -- so many people have told me that having one kid is hard but doable, and adding a second on makes everything three times as hard, easily. I remember my best friend wailing, "they don't NAP at the same time! I get NO TIME for myself and everything is falling apart!" I hope things look up soon, and if not, there is a medication that will balance out the benefits with possible side effects related to fertility and milk supply. I feel like pharmaceutical companies should really figure that one out. Thinking of you!