Saturday, January 28, 2017

Month Four

Four Months

Weight- 14lbs 9oz From the pics you can see she got chunky this month! So much cheek!

Nicknames- Baby G, Little G, MG

Diapers- Size 2, comfortably. Of note, we actually switched to huggies over pampers. With Kinsy we tried them and they leaked, and another boy mom friend had the same situation. They gave us their leftover huggies to try with MG- and they work! And are cheaper! Win!!

Milestones- I went back to work 1/3, so MG started going to Nana and Papa's for babysitting Mon, Tues and Thursdays. I usually go over there Wednesdays as well, but we're all over there together. She is fine with it, but eats less than I would have thought she would, and she won't nap. Odd.  

First fancy dinner! We spent NYE with friends from out of town, we went into the city and went to a nice, harborside restaurant. She was a wonderful child, as always. 

Rolled over for the first time- on her transfer-versary!! I even got it on film :) (1/6) 

1.6 2016/ 1.6.2017

Really started watching, as kinsy would call them, her peoples. She tracks us around the room and smiles at us. Adorable. Whenever she does this kinsy says "She files at us" "sm" is not a sound my 3 year old can make so, so cute. 
We don’t give him the iPad very often, but I think it’s cute that when we do, he wants to be near MG

Sleep- MG is slipping on her awesome-ness in the sleep department. We had a stomach bug whip through the house and I was afraid she would get it and choke in her sleep. So I had her sleep with me.. and now it's been impossible to get her out of my bed. But she only wakes up twice in the night, but she does like to side nurse All. Night. Long. ugh

Clothes- 0-3 Months, snugly; 3-6 months roomily She sleeps in her Magic Merlin sleep suit

Eating- She still is on BM almost exclusively. She has a once-in-a-blue-moon formula bottle if we're out at night (hockey games, dinner with friends). I've nursed in public, but she doesn't like being under a blanket and I am large chested anyway. There are places I will nurse- dimly lit restaurants, the park and places I won't- bright, crowded hockey games. 

Likes- Kinsy mostly. Screaming - not sadly, just loudly. Looking at her mobile. 

Dislikes- Bath, she decided she hates her bath. Annoying. Sleeping alone. 

Illness- None, knock on wood!

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