Monday, January 9, 2017

Take Two is THREE

Where does the time go??

He’s Three

Wowzer. I cannot believe my baby boy is 3. Time slips quickly away. Thought I would give a three year update on my little guy :) (This is a modification of the baby ones I use for first months updates)

Nicknames- He calls himself Kinsy Bear sometimes. Haha. So Kinsy, Kins, and Kinsy Bear but also just his name. There isn’t really a nickname for it.

Weight- 34 pounds, 36.25 inches. This apparently makes him obese. We were told to expect him to gain some height in the next 3 months or so.. and to lay off the crackers. Oops (I swear he looks FINE)

Diapers- yes. Ugh. We’ve attempted to excite him about the potty, but he hasn’t taken to it at all. At first he cried when he suggest it and even said that he ‘loves” his diapers. Now were making more progress- but accidents are frequent. We are bribing him with a promise of a Lego fire station when he is diaper free. 

Milestones-   He's had an AMAZING language explosion. At 2 years he was sitting at about 50 words. This was low normal. Now he says amazing, complex things. "Look at all my vehicles, mama. They are driving down the road to work". 

He graduated from EI on his 3rd birthday, but honestly he didn't "need" it anymore anyway. 

He went on his first plane ride in April 

He became a big brother in September

He can jump, run, and climb. He is a wonderful little human

Sleep- He is a great sleeper. He usually naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon starting between 1 and 2. Lucky me. He generally goes to be between 7-8:30 depending on if he napped in the day. He stays in his room until we get him in the morning. He is generally asleep until sometime between 6-7:30. He knows he can't get out of bed until the sun comes up. We get him between 7:30 and 8:30. He picks a toy to bring to bed with him the night before and plays with that in the morning. 

We actually had this blow up on us the day before he turned 3 he got a stomach virus and threw up in bed... but didn't come and get us :( We had been telling him that if he is sick or scared to come into mom and dad's room and get us..  but I guess he didn't understand. 

Clothes- a mix of 2T and 3T

Eating- He used to be a lot better about eating but now he has gotten picky. He mostly just likes breakfast. Cereal, cereal bars, .eggs, bacon, pancakes, bananas, apples. He also likes pizza (who doesn't?), tacos, and chicken. He likes rice and LOVES milk. 

Likes- Cars/trucks/ambulances/helicopters. His castle, baseball and hockey games. 

Dislikes- Potty, getting his hair washed

Illness- a stomach bug twice, a cold and 2 ear infections. Can't complain

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  1. I'm with you, he looks perfectly healthy. He's just solid ;). Amazing how fast they learn things!