Saturday, April 7, 2012

I've got my toes in the water, ass in the sand


Vacation Re-cap

I don't know about heartaches being healed by the sea, but it most definitely helps when you're there :)

As I mentioned before, Hub and I were a last minute add on to the trip and a surprise for my father. We planned to surprise him at the airport waiting to board the flight. We ended up seeing them at the dunkin donuts while we were checking in-- somehow my dad didn't see us. We ran to security and made it through pretty quickly-- so hid from them in the Boston Beer Works with some breakfast! They ended up getting stuck in security and we made it onto the plane without him knowing we were there. My poor dad is very oblivious and we were literally across the aisle from him as he was loading his luggage into the overhead and Hub, mom and I are all cracking up. Finally he sat and we yelled surprise. The other people on the plane must have been terrified but we were all so excited!

The room was crazy big, usually the rooms are tiny but this fit the 4 of us comfortably. The first few days were rough and cool (we were leaving from NYC so it was expected) we went to a mystery dinner, danced and ice skated! Once it was nice we were out at the pool, or the beach when we were docked. Once we were off the Florida coast or more southern the weather was great.

Hub had always wanted to go see the Fort in San Juan, and since that was one of the ports the 4 of us went there. It was really cool (though I didn't like it as much as Hub did) the view was unbelievable.

In St Martin- we went to this crazy beach where the airport is across the street from this beach and the planes literally land 50 feet from your beach chair.

Other than those two things, we mostly laid around on beautiful beaches for the other 3 days. Also ate Mexican and Puerto Rican food-- my favorite. Coming back was choppy- Hub was sick on lobster night- poor thing.

I left dinner early one night and was like "Sorry there is a finish that lyric competition tonight that I have to go win" and everyone laughed at me.. and then I won it!!!! Joke is on them. As I walked into the room they were asking on the mic if anyone wanted to play and I was raising my hand and singing along, but there were a few 100 people there and I didn't think I'd get chosen... but a minute or two later the guy was grabbing my hand and pulling me to the front! They ended up with 3 guys and 3 girls- ladies first. The first girl was out the first round- the other girl and I got our songs correct and she didn't then the next round I got mine and the other girl didn't. Then the guys went. It ended up that the songs were so hard- a lot of old country and not that popular classic rock. Most of the music was from the 60s and 70s and I am not. eeek. You were given the artist and could decide to pass or play. I passed a song by the Doors that he knew, but he missed on When I'm 64. I was down 40 points but ended up coming back and winning with 50. I know I sang Sugar Sugar, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and Purple Haze (random right?) SO then I had to do 6 round alone to play for prizes- I only got one right (I was so embarrassed) and kept asking the guy did he have anything from the 00, 90s or 80s-- no. I ended up winning all the prizes on the final chance song- These boots are made for walking. I ended up with a nice bag, a (losing) bingo card, a photo album, a hot cup and some random stuff. Also I ended up with friends on the ship since now people recognized me.

The most fun thing on ship was that one night they had what they called a "silent party" they had everyone put on head phones as they went into the club and they had two different DJs on two different stations. So 1/2 the people we dancing to one thing and the other 1/2 something else. They ended up playing two line dance type songs at once and were telling people to lay down on the count of three so it looked really crazy. The funniest thing was that if you took off the headphones, it was quiet in there.. just some people talking or singing along.. to nothing.

All in all we had an awesome time. And I am hoping that the vacation glow can extend to my home life.

Put my ass in the lawn chair, toes in the clay
Not a worry in the world a PBR on the way
Life is good today, Life is god today
Zac Brown Band, Toes

BFN #1

I assume you're interested to know the outcome of TTC cycle #1. BFN. I actually didn't have a very good feeling right from ovulation- so it wasn't a shock really. I was still sad, but I didn't have any symptom. My period even showed up a day early. Perhaps it will be better, since there was some alcohol consumption on vacation. Once I hit CD 9 (Tuesday) I'll put down the booze until a next AF or (hopefully) the delivery of my rainbow baby!

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