Saturday, April 7, 2012

Testing the theory Heartaches are Healed by the Sea

Editor's note: Bad, bad blogger, I wrote this and didn't post it until after I returned:


I was feelin' the blues
 watching the news
When this fella came on the TV
He said I'm tellin' you
That science has proved
That heartaches are healed by the sea 
Garth Brooks, Two Pina Coladas

Tomorrow I leave for a much needed two week vacation. Hub and I, along with my parents are hitting the Caribbean via cruise ship from NYC for 12 nights. I can't wait! This was a present from my mom to my dad for his 60th birthday. She booked a suite over a year ago and planned to tell him about the vacation and not the accommodations on his birthday 2/6 and have him be surprised by the room on his arrival. Initially I was invited to go, but I was hoping to have a tiny baby at the time of the vacation. It took us a few months to get pregnant, but I should have been 31 weeks along for vacation. Needless to say, I told mom no. Fast-forward to late December and mom told Hub and me she was paying for our fare and to pack our bags. Admittedly, I took advantage of my work and the day I came back from my time out of the office for the termination I asked for another 2 weeks off to go on this trip. Even there are pending deadlines, I was allowed to go. 

I am currently in my fertile period and hoping to come back with news of a BFP. I plan on being conservative in my drinking and  testing early and often so that I can stop entirely if I get a BFP and resume drinking if it is going to be negative. In past pregnancies, I've always known I was pregnant about cycle day 20 or so. Long before a positive test would happen.   That would be a week from tomorrow, fingers crossed to little to no drinking this trip!!


Today is 3.18- Trisomy 18 day- get it, because there are 3 18th chromosomes? So cute...... 
It makes me angry that there is so little to be DONE about T18. It is a completely random  disorder. There is no educating the potential mothers that will save these kids. There is no money to be raised for research, that will *really* change their lives. It is just a terrible, horrible accident. I wish there was something I could do to ensure this would never happen- but I can't. I feel like having Trisomy 18 day just reminds me of my pain and of my powerlessness. 


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