Friday, February 6, 2015

Confession Time

I'm a little buzzed. 

I am a bit low at the moment. I think I broke my big toe this morning (climbing over a baby gate, holding the baby- it caught on the edge of the gate and something bad happened), hub had to go deal with an issue at work AGAIN. So  I had a bit of wine- 1/2 a glass (standard pour). Then I broke out in a horrible itching rash on my face, neck and shoulders. So I took some Bendryl, washed down with wine.

Why you ask?




  1. I'm sorry. The TTC cycle SUCKS. Have another one. You deserve it.

  2. Crap! So sorry to hear this. Hope your toe gets better and better luck next cycle!!

  3. *hugs* That sucks so bad. :-( I'm so sorry. Be good to yourself this weekend, and yes, all the wine and chocolate.