Friday, February 6, 2015

ONE Singular Sensation- Bub's Birthday Celebration

We had a really wonderful day for kins' party just before all the snow came and ruined Boston. Had we had the party just a weekend later, there would literally have been no parking and no party. As it is either Hub or I have to leave the house before my dad comes in the morning to watch kins because there is no where for him - just one additional car- to park.

Anyway I digress.

My friend took me to COSTCO the day before the party for party foods. It was a "rookie of the year" party so we had sports food- nacho bar, beer, soda, mini hot dogs in puff pastry (it snowed a bit the day before the party- ok FOR PARKING not ok for grilling). I had forgotten to get a cake but luckily they had a baseball cake as one of the themes they do and were able to have it ready for the following afternoon. We had pre-bought decorations, snacks and balloons far in advance of the party. I spent Saturday night creating sports themed decorations.

We lucked out and had a great day. I can only guess at the number of people that came- probably 35? House was packed!

The picture isn't awesome, but you can see the Concessions banner and the food table

I saw a similar banner on pinterest and loved it!

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