Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Sound of Silence

Bub is still not talking.

He babbles very little. He does grunt, squeal, shriek, laugh and cry. Once or twice a day he'll babble consonants.

We are working on some sign language. He's recently learned an approximation of "more" which he enthusiastically uses for more food and more books. It's more like a sideways clap, but there is clearly an intention of more there.

He is exploding in terms of non-verbal communication- he now waves hi and bye when he hears either word. He claps when excited, when someone says 'yay' and when other people do. He nods yes and shakes head for no- again when he hears the word and when we do it. Adorably he shakes 'no' when he's about to do something he shouldn't (climb stairs, eat rocks, "enthusiastically pet the pets" (AKA hit them). He is an excellent pointer. Just now he pointed to me, then to the banner. Then he watched me to make sure I saw what he was looking at. None of these are every time, but I am confident enough to say he does them most of the time, especially when not deeply distracted, If he's reading, forget about it, he's engrossed.

His developmental specialist came over this morning, as she does every Wednesday. She was remarking on how smart he is. He knows what you're talking about. He correctly gets the items he is asked for, he continues to search for things that are out of sight but logically be in the place he's looking (i.e. ball rolls out of the room and under the table in there). He claps when I tell him it's time for lunch. He knows who people- and pet- are and if they are out of sight he will look for them where he would expect them to be- for example- uncle is usually in the TV room at my parents- he'll go down there if told to find uncle.

He is very engaged. He laughs and smiles. He is loving.

This is all excellent, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned. I feel like I've been waiting to hear "mama" for 4 years. Still waiting.

I also feel like my ovaries are silent. This is CD11 and I am still low on the fertility monitor. Yesterday night I did an internet OPK and there was no second line. I have never seen such a thing happen. First round of Femara and I am terrified it will be anovulatory.

We find out tomorrow morning. Watch this space.


Last but not least on silence- my phone was stolen. LAME. I have a work phone so I am not out of contact, but it is a PIA to update people on which number to call. This includes the RE. I left a message so I could confirm tomorrow's appointment time but no one called me back. grrrr.


  1. Bummer about the phone. I've started playing the Baby Signing Times dvd's for the twins (Phoenix still loves them too) and Wren signed "baby" to the opening song while doing her approximation of "baby". SO CUTE.

    Phoenix still loves to use her signs, even the words she says well. It's a great skill to keep up with.

  2. That sucks about the phone. I'm so glad bubs is making progress. Really hoping the Femara is doing it's thing!

  3. Not that anecdotes are always particularly helpful, but my nephew had delayed speech and there was never really anything wrong. He was later diagnosed with dyslexia; not sure if those two things would be related. Sounds like Bub is actually doing really well except for the not talking part. I think Sprout is below average, and I have received advice to have him interact with more people who don't understand his non-verbal communication, as if to force him to use words. Keep working with the therapist and I hope you keep seeing progress!