Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Here We Go- One More Time

An update to my last post, my town got 24.3 inches in total over the 4 day snow storm I was talking about here. The initial forecast was 8-12 inches. Oops. Boston called a snow emergency which will end this afternoon (2+ days after the snow stopped). Driving is insane- there are few side streets where 2 cars can drive at the same time.
This was taken in a low part of the yard... 
Because of that, UPS was not making one-day deliveries so I had to drive to pick up my femera, ovadril and sharps container at the fertility pharmacy. Because it was mostly highway driving, it only took 50% longer than it should have. The pharmacy was really nice, the people were really nice and I was in and out in 5 minutes.
Yesterday was CD3 so I took my two TINY pills last night at 9pm. So far so good, though I will say I was really, really tired this morning. It was very hard to wake up.  That could just be life with a toddler (!!) and several hours of shoveling. We’ll see over the next few days.
In a totally unrelated note, if any of you ladies LOVED the 90s, I strongly suggest watching Hindsight. It’s on VH1 and is available to watch online. It is trashy and wonderful :)

Here we go, one more time
Everybody's feeling fine
Here We Go, N*SYNC

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  1. I'll have to check out Hindsight. I miss the 90s, lol. Very good luck this cycle! I really and truly hope this works out.