Monday, July 29, 2013

17w3d- Then: I Certainly Am

Christmas Day.

As I said in my last post, I'm not a huge fan of the Christmas season. Christmas eve and Christmas day though- those are good days. As always, hub and I got up early and exchanged our own gifts to each other before rushing off to my parents to do their still-lavish Christmas morning exchange. Seriously, they are way over board on Christmas, when I was little and now that my brother and I are fully adults.

I got hub tools he wanted, as I always do, and a few cashmere sweaters because he would never get them for himself, but they were lovely. He got me an iPad, because, like my parents, he goes overboard on Christmas. We spent a lot of the early morning playing with iPad and laughing over our last adult-centric Christmas morning for.. ever.

Over at my parents, My little brother got us a Ninja food processor to make his baby nephew (he insisted) food. How cute is that? He was 23 at the time.  Mostly my parents got us non-baby adult gifts (what they were I no longer remember, other than 2 board games which were a blast). I do remember getting a pair of work pants, a shirt, cardigan combo and a Red Sox shirt, all maternity. I wasn't showing yet and all the items were for spring. I loved them.

That Red Sox shirt still has the tags on it, and will until after the scan (2 weeks from today!).

Over at hub's parents, it was all baby. Baby dishes, baby toys, baby books. The sweetest thing was someone dug out hub's favorite baby book to give to us.

I whined over the lack of wine through Christmas "dinner" (lunch) at the in-laws and hung out with my brother and sisters-in-law, who were 15, 16 and 19 at the time. I met them when they were just little kids and it is fun to see them grow up in front of us.

Then back to my parents for dinner at dinner time. Christmas is always game night for my family. My favorite cousin KT came over for a few rounds of whatever games we had gotten for the holiday, a trivia game and a card game I think. More whining, this time over a lack of a frosty bud light.

When we finally got home and into bed that night, I marveled to hub that we finally were done with crazy hectic Christmases and from now on everyone could come to our house for Christmas dinner.  Who can take a kid away from their own Christmas?

He sounds like he's missing 
something or someone that he knows 
he can't have now 
and if he isn't I certainly am
Suzanne Vega, In Liverpool

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