Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Boom

Really, it's not a Baby Boom, it's a baby bang, or may be a baby crash- something less than a boom. There is one new baby born into my world and the new Prince of England.

First the baby I know: Welcome to the world Maggie! My college friend and his wife welcomed a baby girl on the day of my other friend's wedding. He, a computer/ numbers geek if you ever met one, was hoping for an all-prime birthday of 7/11/13, but she was born on the 12th. A truly beautiful baby. I am happy for them, really. I got the text message that they were on the way to L&D at 630am and I responded right away, when I got the "It's a girl!" Text the next day at 5am, I answered again.

Was it hard?

Yes, I'm not going to lie. Being pregnant doesn't replace the pain of losing Blue Sunday or of IF (or, at least, not always. I have been thinking about posting on this topic. Stay tuned). I am still unsure of what will happen with this pregnancy. I might feel better after the 19 week scan, I might not feel better until when / if this baby is born.  There are also petty hurts. I should have been the first one in this group to have kids (well the second, but that's a whole different story). I was planning on a baby named Maggie (though not this one). Can I still use the name? Of course. Does birth order in a friend group really matter? No. I know these things and I am still sad and jealous.

And now, just a bit over a week later the Royal Baby has made his big entrance. The pomp and circumstance that will follow this child around for his entire life has begun. I don't want to be Kate Middleton, not even a little bit, but I am jealous that she is "in Hospital" (to be British about it) welcoming her son. I am jealous she has presumably made it through the land mines of pregnancy- loss, chromosomal or structural issues- and still has the world on a string. She has to deal with cameras, internet rumors, and needing to look picture perfect every day- I don't envy that. But I do envy the apparent ease with which she conceived.

Now Let's just hope this baby isn't Prince "Hey-That's-The-Name-We're-Using". I don't want to jump on the royal band-wagon should I also bear a son.

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