Wednesday, July 22, 2015

IVF #1 D15- Fertilization Report

This has been a roller-coaster in the worst way.

The Reaping was yesterday. When the doc came over to discuss pre-op she said to expect to get 5-6. 3-4 would be the low end, with 7 the high end. There was also a possibility that the eggs weren't matured-  my progesterone was 2.1 and they like it 3 or higher. If they weren't ready, she would have just tried one or two and then stopped the procedure.

Fortunately, they were ready and she got TEN! I thought we were good to go and was feeling much better about this cycle than I had been.

All day yesterday I just rested- I am still sore today. May be I'm just a big baby, but I feel icky.

This morning they called me and left a message saying that of the 10 eggs, 8 were mature, but only 4 fertilized. She mentioned that 2 fertilized with two sperm I am hoping she meant of the 4 NOT considered fertilized 2 super-fertilized. Otherwise we only have 2 in the running. She follows up that comment with "so we have 4 available for day 5 biopsy". So I think we're OK on that front.

The doc will call tomorrow with the Day 2 report.

I am feeling so conflicted about what to do. We have 3 options: (assuming at least one makes it to day 5)

1. Just freeze- skip the genetic testing (PGD) and do a Frozen Embryo transfer (FET) next cycle
2. PGD as planned, Since there can't be more than 4, we get a 500$ discount (3100 rather than 3600)
3. PGD with something called Rapid Batching. This means they will test what we send them for 3600 (no discount even thought there will be less than 5) if none are normal, we can cycle again with no lab fee until we get 8 embryos tested. If one is normal this cycle, we forfeit the 500$ discount mentioned above. If we need to cycle again, we pay the PGD all over again (which would be the same as point 2)

Any ideas? opinions? Experience?

As of now, hub and I are sitting on the contract until we talk to the doc tomorrow. The prevailing opinion is that from fertilization (Day 0) to blast (Day 5) you lose about half and that half of day 5 embryos are abnormal. If that holds- we'll have 2 to test and 1 normal. But we all know my odds. Oh, and sometimes they die in the thaw. And we have to freeze them because we didn't prime my body for a transfer. So they would just die in there anyway.


  1. It's so hard to know what to do. I was in a similar position already having a trisomy pregnancy. I had to trust that my next pregnancy would be healthy. Remember that the vast majority of unhealthy pregnancies miscarry. I would do the FET since you will probably lose some in the freezing, hopefully it's the unhealthy ones which are lost. So many hugs from us all.

  2. Oh goodness. That's a tough decision and I have no experience. Just sending you hugs and praying for good results!

  3. I don't have experience, but I'm hoping with all my heart it works out somehow. *hugs* I hate this game of IF and what to do and what not while lots of money is at stake on top of all the emotional upheaval.