Friday, July 24, 2015

IVF #1 D17- Day Two Report

I waited all day yesterday for the promised phone call from my Doc. The nurse told me on Wednesday that he would be calling in the morning. As the hours passed, my BP sky-rocketed.

I know they are so busy, I don't begrudge them that, but I just couldn't go through another evening waiting for news.

I called my nurse at 3:59 (calls before 4 are returned same day ;) )and left a message. I think I sounded a little crazy. It was something like "Oh hi, I know yesterday you said Doc would call me today, but I haven't heard. I think you said he'd call today. Anyone, if you could call me back, that would be great, today or tomorrow morning. Really today, I'm sorry I'm just really anxious".

About 30 minutes later she e-mailed me saying the Doc would call. And 15 minutes after that he did! I saw his number come up and was flooded with relief and then immediately dread.  You know that feeling when you REALLY might need an adult diaper. That feeling came. But I managed to sound mostly sane and continent when I answered.

He apologized for keeping me waiting, and assured me he would never forget to call. Then he gave me the (good!) news:

All 4 are still growing! They look "great": 3 really good and 1 good. It is personal, professional opinion that all are likely to make it biopsy and freeze. What a huge relief!

He ended the conversation with he couldn't expect any better and thus far everything has gone as they statistically should. 10 retrieved, 6 were mature (not 8! big difference. and makes much more sense considering my follicle development), 4 fertilized normally, the other 2 had multisperm. 4 still going.

They'll call Monday with the final pre-PGS results.

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  1. YAY!!! I hope you're breathing a little easier