Monday, July 13, 2015

IVF#1- D7 I'm Totally Freaking Out

I'm Totally Freaking Out

Peg + Cat anyone?

So this morning was my first ultrasound. I have been trying really hard to be calm and cool about this cycle and this morning it all fell apart.

I haven't even gotten my feedback call and I am totally losing my mind. On my To-Dos of the day list is "Don't Cry". So far, so good but only just.

So there were FOUR follicles in there. Two on each side.


My first Clomid cycle I had three (one of which is Bub).

The u/s lady (who is really good, and I really like) said it was a good scan and it is still early. But I wonder if she's just keeping optimistic?

Anyway, I was trying to keep from posting until I got the update call, but they usually call just after 1- it's now almost 3. I just decided to put this out there.

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