Thursday, May 2, 2013

Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot

Never Brought to Mind?

I can assure you, you were not forgotten. I know that I have been a bad blogger. Elizabeth messaged me last night asking what had happened with the beta. I tried to post a reply from Mobile Blogger, but it did actually post it. Sorry!

In my new method, Good News, Bad News (and for good measure I'm throwing in Unrelated !!! News). First

The Good News:

From right to left are 12, 13 and 14DPO. I think I incorrectly said the one from 4/26 was 13DPO in my previous post. I was 13 days post trigger- not post ovulation. Since I triggered at 3pm on Saturday and ovulation occurred 30-36 hours later I either Oed on late at night on 4/14 or very early 4/15. For ease, I'm going to call 4/26 (FRER 1) 12DPO- you can remember that it might be only 11DPO.

Once the "you're pregnant!" line was darker than the control line, I stopped testing. My beta was the following day.

The beta also belongs under the Good News heading :)

What's the number you're asking?


Yep! 349! at only 15DPO!! We were hoping for anything over 200 (I thought it was 16DPO so I was aiming high anyway).

I thought FOR SURE it was going to be lousy news. The day started with me getting lost after I parked my car at the complex where the RE is. (I know, what an idiot right?) I ended up being late for my 8AM appointment. Because I was late, Mean Nurse was waiting for me. She creepily leaned over my shoulder as I signed in.  Then she waited for me to sit down and then called 'Liz'. The woman before me was named 'Lei' (I saw her name on the sign-in sheet) and we both stood up, looked at each other and then looked at Mean Nurse.  She said "Liz" again, looking from her to me. Now we are both confused, and is shows. Mean Nurse says loudly and gruffly "Not you!" to poor Lei, who was standing not 3 feet from her.

I was so uncomfortable. I hate when people are so rude to others. Why can't you just treat people kindly? It isn't that hard. It is 8am on a Monday morning. We're standing in a fertility clinic. At best we're anxious and at worst someone is about to have their heartbroken- again. 

So Mean Nurse and I go back and she continues to be gruff. After she finished, I had to ask when I would hear results. She told me between 1 and 4 that afternoon.

Since things had gone so badly in the morning, I didn't expect a call until later in the day. Nonetheless, I brought my phone to my 1pm meeting and let the organizer know if it rang I needed to answer it.

At 1:07 the phone rang.

The last time I was waiting on an important call, it ended up being the worst news of my life. My hands were shaking as I walked out of the room.

I couldn't wait to answer and picked up the call as I shut the door behind me. It was the Nice Nurse and she said "Congratulations, the beta was positive. It was a strong number"

My knees were shaking so badly I had to lean against the old reception desk.

She asked me if I knew I was pregnant (yes, but needed the number) and told me I would need to make an appointment for an ultrasound for 2.5 to 3 weeks from then. I asked if I needed a follow-up beta- don't they always do follow-ups?- but she said they only re-test at that number of days post trigger if the number is less than 100. Since mine was 349 there was no need to retest. She said that 349 was a very solid, strong number and that they were very pleased.

About 15 seconds after I hung up- while I was still crying in public- the thought crossed my mind: twins?

So I spent the whole first day Not updating my blog, Not doing the projects that were overdue (but I have finished them!) All I did was Google beta numbers. is down, but you can still access content through the Internet archive way back machine.  and typing the into the search bar (I learned this through a  blog-- so thanks!)I can't sort by age, but you can see the aggregate numbers below.

When I thought it was 16DPO, I was right between the single and twin medians. Which gave me no hint either way. When I realized it was only 15DPO, I was OVER the median for twins.


Right now I am just hoping that at my next appointment- not until MAY 20TH- that there is a heartbeat.. but can you imagine if there were two?? 

I can't even talk about it. 

The Bad News

Well, I gave it away.. the appointment isn't until May 20th. I tried to get them to move it up (I have a real conflict involving people who are traveling internationally) but I only could move it up one day. WORST. 

I'll be 7weeks and 1 day pregnant. 


I can't believe it. 

I just hope it stays that way for the next 35 weeks.

Unrelated !!! News

I may have to keep you all hanging with rediculusly important news more often. I have OVER 10,000 views. 100 of them were from today.. and I haven't posted this yet. That is incredible. 

What's more incredible? I haven't gotten even one piece of hate mail generated from this blog. 

Now that is kindness. 

I know not everyone agrees with my choice,but I love that people have been able to agree to disagree or just click off this blog. So thanks, readers. 

Stay tuned.


  1. Ok.. I see NO bad news in this post! It all looks great to me! Wow! How amazing! :)

  2. So excited to hear your news! I was on the edge of my seat all week!!!

  3. So happy for you! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!!!!!!

  4. I am so thrilled for you! This is such exciting news!! Congratulations!