Friday, January 8, 2016

2DP5DT and other IVF mumbojumbo

OK, I know some of the readers of this blog have never done IVF, many are fellow TFMR moms who aren't IFers at all and a (very) few of you just know me outside of the computer and read along!

So I'm going to explain a bit about IVF in terms of where I am now.

We transferred a chromosomally normal 5 day grade 5BB Blastocycst. I am now 2DP5DT.

2DP5DT: This means that I am 2 Days Past 5 Day Transfer. You add up the two numbers to get the equivalent days post ovulation. In a norman woman, your cycle starts 14 days after ovulation, so this means I'm 7 days past ovulation in embryo development with about a week to go!

5 day Blastocyst: On day 0 (retrieval day) they put my eggs and hub's sperm together and let them boogie. For IVF number 1 (where this blast came from) 4 of 8 fertalized- meaning the sperm and egg met and hooked up normally (sometimes eggs can have a bit of a three-some and get 2 sperm=bad). After developing for 5 days in the lab only this one, Suyra-Scott, was still alive and suitable for biopsy. At this stage of development, it is called a blastocyst (or blast). So that embryo was biospied and frozen.

chromosomally normal: The biopsy is done when the blast has in the 100s of cells and specifically biopsies from the portion of the blast that becomes the placenta, to avoid an injury that could occur by biopsying from what will become the baby. The biopsy showed that the embryo was 36X? (we chose not to find out the gender- though it is know to the RE and staff).

Grade: grading of embryos is based on number of days post-fertilization (5). the First letter is a grade of the inter cell mass and the second is a grade of the trophodectoderm. These are on a A-D scale. My RE said his clinic is very harsh on embryos and As aren't that common and not to worry about the BB. I do though, of course.

The first link below shows the development from 0-5 days. The end result shows a non-hatched blast. Just before the 2 minute mark the doc explains the parts of the embryo. The part she says forms the placenta is what we biopsied. The second link shows the hatching that occurred the day of the FET. You can see that the pic I posted is not a circular blast (it is a tamagotchi). That is because it was hatching.

I was told that implantation occurs within the 3 days after transfer. Here's hoping that is/has occurred!

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  1. I'm hoping to. Waiting for that blog post where you announce the BFP. *hugs*