Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FET: Watershed Wednesdays

It happened! *

We transferred (obviously) one, hatching, day 5, chromosomal normal, blast at about 1:30 this afternoon. Suyra-Scott is back where he/she should be and will hopefully over the next hours, days, weeks, and months get comfortable in there. 

I was a WRECK before the procedure which was scheduled for 12 but was obviously late. I actually think they don't start the thaw until you check in, so at least some waiting is by design. I had to pee SO BADLY. Hub went and asked them how long it would be because I was so desperate. They told him to tell me to go 'just a little bit'. So I did that- 3 times. When we were taken back the nurse told me I would pee out half-way... that's actually really hard to judge. When we finally got into the procedure room (which was the OR, I didn't expect that), they actually laughed at how full my bladder was. Ouch. 

When the doc came out to tell us about the procedure and he said that Suyra-Scott unfroze perfectly I lost my composure a little bit. (A lot). Hub said he saw in the docs eyes as he remembered that I am a basket case. It was fine and he is very kind and understanding. I regained my composure pretty quickly. 

It was a very odd several minutes for the transfer itself, hub was back with me and was a little disturbed at all the instruments that went up there. I am on vaginal crinone and, though I tried to clear the way, there was a lot of gunk up there. I felt very unclean (I swear I'm a clean person!) It was cool to see the catheter be threaded in. He showed us on the ultrasound where he was aiming for before he started, and sure enough got it right there. When they actually injected Suyra-Scott we could see the little bubble they use as a marker move down the tube and flash out into the space he was aiming for. 

For now, I wait. 10 wake-ups until the pregnancy test. That night is our Friend's Christmas dinner (instead of gifts we're going to an uber-fancy resturant as a group). So I'll either be super happy or drink a lot of wine.  

Want to know something crazy? 

1/4/12: Termination day a Wednesday
1/8/14: Kins' Birthday also a Wednesday 2 years and 4 days later
1/6/16: Transfer Day obviously, a Wednesday: 2 years less 2 days from Kins' birthday and 4 years plus 2 days from the termination

Watershed Wednesdays

*Suyra-Scott looks just like a tamagotchi to me. See the googly eyes and duck lips?? Just like the last column, second row. Only facing the other direction and no legs. 


  1. I know this sounds crazy, but eat yams for the next several days. They may be responsible for twinning. I purposely ate yams after our iui and my friend with identical twins ate them too when she was TTC. Also, try to relax as much as possible. I know that is hard, but mindful meditation really helps, acupuncture if you can get in helps too. My fingers are crossed for you. ❤️

    1. I am totally going to try the yams! I was supposed to start an only meditation class and it got delayed a week. I am really upset.

  2. All the luck to you in the world!! No one won the powerball so still plenty of luck floating around out there! :) Try to keep your mind busy and take it easy!! (HUGS)

  3. I've been SO bad about checking blogs, but I'm so excited for your transfer!! Sticky thoughts for you guys!

  4. Sending all the luck and prayers and love for s bfp.

  5. I am catching up on your life right now (just a little creepy to say ;) and sending you so much positive juju right now.

  6. If you can wait 10 whole days, you are a much stronger woman than I. KMFX for you!