Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Getting closer to calling this an actual BFP and may be even publishing all of these!

This isn't to say that I think this will result in a baby to add to my family (I am so far thinking from that!) it isn't even to say I have discounted that this could be  Another Chemical Pregnancy (I guess they affected me more than I thought). I guess I am just getting to the place that I have been thinking to myself that this could be an acknowledged period of time during which I was pregnant.

The first chemical I noticed that the trigger was hanging on for quite some time. At this point I didn't know what to expect from a trigger, It was only my second one and the first resulted in Kins. I also had a string of three days that the tests looked almost identical (with the middle being, possibly, slightly darker than the ones before and after). Still, I was surprised by the news that it was chemical. The last time I took a pregnancy test (or had a cycle a pregnancy was possible) was back in June. That cycle there was a few hours I thought for sure I was pregnant and had avoided IVF. There was one day that the test was positive after the trigger was done. It was really light. The next day it was slightly darker but a negative FRER and the following day it was negative.

I now have 3 positives in a row, darkening, on the cheap internet tests. I never had 3 improving days on the chemicals. 

The picture on the left is from 4DP5DT and the right is from this morning. I think it's darker (and the lighting is worse) on the more recent one. I never got a positive FRER on the chemicals.


This is no guaranteen that the beta will be good- or even positive. 

More to come. 


  1. I see it so much and they are DARKER!!!! I'm calling it a BFP for sure and I'm excited for you!!!! Nothing is guaranteed, but today, right now, you are PREGNANT!!!! CONGRATS!!