Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Ughhh this is torture.  

I don't think the lines are darker today on the Wondfos- they they are dark lines and much darker than two days ago. 

This is deceptive, the line from today isn't much darker. 

My FRER is actually much better today. It is possible that my wondfos are starting to max out. I've found that they increase slowly after a certain point. It is also one of the old style, flat FRERs. I have heard from several early testers that they are less accurate in early testing than they used to be. 

Anyway, yesterday I held it from 1 to about 5:30 so I could use a digital. I wanted a way to estimate it my HCG was scary low (I've seen women take a wondfo with a faint positive and have a beta under 10- which would be very bad news for me at this point). Digitals are notorious for needing at least 25 and more like 50 to show positive:

And it was positive! It didn't take too long to come up either!

Here's the thing, I felt really positive about my pregnancy with kins.  I just went back and read all my old posts, looking for evidence, and I wasn't positive at all until I had an ultrasound. I was a wreck. So I feel better about that. 

About 3 days and 2 hours until we get beta results.


  1. Yay! Tears of joy for you Liz. Hoping for 1 or (2!) sticky babies. As you probably know, you can't see much on an U/S right now, so try to hold out to about 7 weeks and you will definitely be able to see a heart beat.

  2. Good luck on the beta!! They all look darker on my end. GL!!!

  3. I said, "YES!" when I saw the digital results! Congrats! And, fingers crossed, of course. So happy for you!!!

  4. Yay to all the bfps!

    And those curved handle tests are the devil.

  5. Awesome news! All the good wishes in the world for your beta! :)