Thursday, January 14, 2016

IVF # 1 8DP5DT

OK almost there. 8DP5DT - the equivalent of 13DPO.

Last night I went out with two of my girlfriends and I confessed my pee problem. I am obsessed it's all I think about. Bad, bad. I event went and bought MORE. I know...

I had this conversation with hub:

me: I think I might have to go buy more tests
hub: ...
me: Well I'm out of FRERs and they are meant for 6 days before missed period. I bought the wrong tests and got the same brand but the rapid response- which is for day of missed period- so it's less likely I'll get a good line. And then I will freak out.
hub: I'm going to try to say this delicately. I think you should get more, even though you don't need them, because it will make you feel better. Ok?
me: YAYAYAYAYAY  more things to pee on*

*possibly not actually what was said

So then I obsessed over it my friends (who have never taken a pregnancy test) and I wondered a loud if I should hold my pee so I could take a test when I got home or not. They said to pee- I didn't. Then I took one of them to buy them with me. And then I came home and peed on it- because they come in a 3 pack so why not? I got this:

The one in the middle was a left over from Kins flat FRER. Not sure how fair it is to line compare. That was from yesterday morning, the one below from the same evening. Even if you discount that, the one on top is 2 days before the one on bottom.

Best line yet! This might be real! I thought

This morning I took the wondfo (and one more form the new pack I got last night because I have problems) and it was no different than yesterday morning- but the FRER is darker than last night. WTF??

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