Monday, January 25, 2016

5W3D; Whisper Words of Wisdom

I am being a selfish blogger. I am sorry, but I need you guys.

As I mentioned in my last two posts: I started spotting on Friday. It was pinkish/red and lasted an hour with brown spotting for another day. I'm all clear now. I have mild cramping, no different from what was happening prior to the spotting. I don't think it is any different from what happened with the kins. I didn't spot with him, I did spot with Blue Sunday. Not a good memory.

I am on Crinone, but have been for a month now but only spotted this one time. Could it still be the Crinone? Could this be a miscarriage- even if I spotted only for an hour? Has anyone had a miscarriage with bleeding in that pattern? Am I doomed? Positive stories? Anyone, Bueller?

My clinic did an extra beta (4655 at 5W1D) and were happy with it so I don't go in again until 2 weeks from today. I can't deal.

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be
The Beatles, Let it Be


  1. Something I had to start telling myself. No amount of stress or worrying will change the result. It sounds to me like meanless spotting maybe caused by the meds and the fact that there was brown with it is a good sign. Just try to relax, maybe meditate or find a good book to dive into and enjoy these moments. When everything turns out ok you will be sad you spent this time being worried. (HUGS) I hope this helps!

  2. I think you're still in the safe zone. Your cervix can get really friable during pregnancy, so if you nicked it earlier, it will be more prone to bleeding. The fact that it's brown says to me it's ok. Also your betas were really good - once they hit a certain range they start doubling every 72 hours, and you're well ahead of that.

  3. Sorry you're going through the spotting. I spotted a couple of times in the early weeks with my daughter, probably due to the endometrin I was using, so it makes sense that you could spot with crinone or pretty much anything that gets near the cervix which is pretty friable at this stage. Will be hoping for you. This is a hard stage of things...

  4. I have a smorgasbord of experience. With my fresh cycle, I had spotting on crinone day of beta, and my progesterone was really low, as crinone is actually supposed to absorb into the uterus directly, not the bloodstream. BFN so all the next rounds I opted for the shots. With my mc, thing were grim way before the bleeding started. My beta was way low at 10 weeks, like in the 1000s, and spotting started shortly after even while being on the shots with a very good progesterone level. It was very light overall, and short. The "tissue" pretty much came out in one piece. Now with Ava, I had a day of spotting, and it was red. I was a little farther along than you so a trip to the ER confirmed a heartbeat. A few weeks later at my OB she saw a resolving subchorionic hemorrhage. I'm betting that might be what you are experiencing from what I've read about them. They can be scary, and sometimes cause a bad outcome, but I hear they're also pretty common with IVF/FET procedures.

  5. I had spotting with the twins. I think it's implantation bleeding as baby burrows further into the lining.

    It's totally normal so I hope you can wait it out until the u/s. Good luck!

  6. I have no experience to share with you, but it seems to me that spotting can be perfectly normal, especially with Crinone. Your beta is amazing and strong, and I can only hope it's just that pesky cervix or continued implantation bleeding. It's so hard not to be worried or scared when there's spotting in a pregnancy, but no worrying or fear will change whatever might happen. All you can do is hope for the best! I am hoping with you.

  7. Cutting to the chase: I've spotted while on Crinone. Was told it's completely normal due to it irritating the cervix.

    All that said, I know how scary it is to see any amount of blood. I screws with your mind and brings up terrible memories and thoughts. So focus on what you can control. Rest when you can; keep up with your meds; remember your betas are looking very good. And above all, listen to your body. If things feel off, call your RE. Otherwise focus on today.

  8. Call your doctor and explain your anxiety level. That has to count for something, too, to get reassurance with numbers that all is okay.