Friday, January 15, 2016

IVF #1 FET 9DP5DT (Clear blue weeks estimator booster post)

*This post is not actually sponsored, I just LOOOVVVVEEEE this test.
One more wake up until beta day!!

Man oh man. I'm getting excited.

I can't control myself and got one of the Clear blue weeks estimators. I did research on them and decided it was worth the money for my piece of mind. I will summarize, but if your a data nerd, you can just click here to be taken to the FDA documents on the device. The summary starts under the first *** and ends at the next *** so you can skip if you'd like. I'm a nerd and love data. It bores most people.


Without getting too technical- this test measures 2 things- the presence/ absence of the HCG (the hormone that makes pregnancy test turn positive, that the beta test measures and that makes you vomit! and also the amount of HCG present. The first, he presence/ absence of the HCG, triggers pregnant/non pregnant. text. This is like any other digital.

Per the info from the FDA I linked above, the test will read "not pregnant' for all HCGs less than 10. In a clinical trial, all women with an HCG of -20% of the pregnant threshold (~20% of 10- 8.3) actually tested negative.  Once HCG reached 17.7 (+80% of threshold, there were no false negatives, though there were some below that).

If you're pregnant (at least more than 10 units, and accurate over 18 units) it will calculate weeks pregnant by this algorithm:

1-2 10-156 units
2-3 157-2599
3+ more than 2600

It doesn't display the actual HCG and it calculates "weeks pregnant" as weeks the fetus has existed- so today I am 4 weeks- so I expect either 1-2 or 2-3, since the baby is 2 weeks in existence.

The data in the link shows it's not perfect, i.e. 18 samples at 214 (+40% of 2-3 week threshold) are still showing as 1-2 weeks. BUT only 1 person who was under 150 showed as 2-3 weeks. So they don't have many false positives. - in this case a false positive would be telling someone they were 2-3 weeks when they were only 1-2.


This morning I had to pee so bad, at 5:30. ugh. I got up and tested with the weeks estimator. For me, the "pregnant" came up within about a minute. Then I went back to bed. I was just too tired. My RE wants to see the HCG at 100 tomorrow, so I was trying to make myself feel OK if it told me 1-2 weeks--- but it didn't! 2-3 weeks! woo-hoo.

Also my wondfos finally got darker!

 I am expecting a number somewhere at or above 170 tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.

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