Tuesday, January 12, 2016


**I'm writing these out and then will post.. sometime later. Not sure on when.


Today is Monday 5DP5DT. This seems like a common day for people to get a BFP (or I should say VFP (very faint positive, not big fat positive).

I tested this morning on both a wondfo and a FRER. It was cautiously good news, I guess.

I'm excited about the wondfos. I'm a little nervous about the FRER (not pictured). I know that the wondfos are darkening, so it's reasonable to assume that my HCG is rising (please oh please) and that embryo is settling in. The FRER isn't darkening, however. At least, I don't think it is. FRERs are hard because the line totally darkens as it dries, so if you try to compare an old test to a new one it can look lighter. 

I can show you the comparison of Suday's FRER (1/10) and today's (1/11) after drying. 

The one on the left is today's. 

So, I spent all day FREAKING OUT. I was super, super proud for not peeing on anything after work when I was desperate to. I went to the gym to take my mind off it. 

I have new onset breast pain. So uncomfortable. I know this can be a side effect of progesterone, but I've been on it for over a week now, and this started Sunday afternoon. 

Fingers crossed!

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